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April 2022
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About us

Shape-21 is a next-generation body treatment that is designed to freeze fat cells and use electric waves to produce multiple, rapid movements within the muscles. There are multiple areas on our bodies that are difficult to burn fat from and no matter what we do, it persists. 

A fat freeze treatment works in conjunction with healthy diet and exercising habits to create a comprehensive weight loss plan that can help you to burn fat from various parts of your body including your underarms, hips, back, belly, and other areas that are notoriously difficult to burn fat from. Fat freeze treatment is known as one of the most effective ways to treat these problem areas and that’s why we have continuously developed and improved upon it to offer our customers the very best way to burn fat.

The difference between our device and other devices on the market for instance is that our device not only freezes the fat but also works to firm the muscles all at one time.

Our treatment features 7 different types of pain-free electric waves that we control to customize your treatment intensity and effectiveness. During your treatment, there will be pauses and other strategic starting and stopping of the treatment to give you the best results possible. During the treatment we utilize an electro stimulator which is designed for rapid fat burning and helps your muscles to contract over 150 more times than the average gym exercise. That means that one 40 minute session of our treatment is roughly equal to over 4 hours at the gym!

If you want to burn more calories, lose more weight, and reach your weight loss goals faster, then our treatment is the best for you. Get in touch today to see how we can help you live your best life and lose weight fast!

Clinical findings

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how it works


Patented wave, exclusive property of 21 Equipment. Lymphatic drainage, thanks to the perfect synergy between the unit pulses and the heart.


Weight-loss program with a inch loss from 1 to 4 cm from the first session.


80% Firming with 20% Slimming. This program is a passive exercise that really tones up.


100% firming program, comparable with the Pilates method.


Deep muscles toning, works on all the muscle fibres, for a lifting effect all over the body. It is a complete muscular treatment to reshape your silhouette.


Connective stimulation and vibrations to recover skin tone. This program actives collagen and elastin synthesis and increases oxygenation of the tissue to recover the brightness of the skin.

What areas can SHAPE-21 treat?

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Shape-21 Before and After Pictures*

REAL pictures NOT digitally processed

The results are visible and measurable from the first application and long lasting.
The number of sessions depends on the extension of beauty problem.
Gloria Hearn
Gloria Hearn
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Im 64 years old and I have had a previous liposuction years back now that I am older I do not want to do any more surgeries. I purchased the full 12 treatments and I had my first one last week. It was very fast and the staff took before and after pictures of me that showed a significant difference in both my arms and stomach.
Brianna Garcia
Brianna Garcia@brimariiee_
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I just had my first treatment and I loved it I’ve done cool sculpting before and I didn’t get the results I wanted after I tried this one I actually see a difference and I’m excited for my next appointment! Highly recommend !
Phina Salgado
Phina Salgado@phinasalgado
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Had a treatment with Irene and it was great. She is very friendly. I saw results in my own body after the first treatment. Great place!

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What is the length of a treatment?

The treatment duration ranges between 30 to 45 minutes.

How does the device work?

The device works by freezing fat cells under the skin at a temperature of 0 degrees in 8 regions simultaneously.

Is there any recovery?

No recovery time.

What is the treatment interval recommended?

The treatment interval is 2-3 treatments a week for a month and a half and then once a month.

What is the required amount of treatments?

The program is personalized but the average is 12 treatments for the first series.


Which areas in the body it can be performed on?

It can be performed on the entire body includes the face and the chin.


What is the pain level?

There is no pain.

When will be the results visible?

The results are visible from the second treatment.

Who is the treatment adapted for?

It can be for both women and men.